Saturday, September 1, 2012

To My Brother...

There are things I fight for and things I fight against...
I fight to remember the contours of your face, the lilt in your voice...
I fight to hold tight to memories that are already wearing paper-thin...
I fight to find you in smells and sounds and sensations around me, a world away from you...
But I fight against turning you into a legend, a fictional hero, a snapshot of fleeting perfection.
You were flawed in brilliant and beautiful ways - and that's what the world fell in love with.
It is our imperfections that make us...that made you...authentic, original, breathtaking.
I fight to hold on to the reality of you, to the simplicity and goodness and brokenness that made you ours.

Always Fighting for You,

"Nothing is as it has been,
and I miss your face like hell,
and I guess it's just as well,
but I miss your face like hell."
                              - The Head and the Heart