Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summertime in the AZ

Summertime in Azerbaijan is a lot like Texas - hot. We made our two best purchases of our PCV lives the last few months, a fan and a kiddie pool, which we spend most of our waking moments in or around.
We've been traveling around the regions for the last few weeks, spending some time with PCVs around the country. Here are a few pictures...
July 4th - Hot Dogs, Watermelon, and 3 Stitches in an Azeri Hospital after a Little Horse Play...Here's the progression. Looking good D.Windham...

The "Qarpiz" Car

A Restaurant That Serves "Lobster"...Also Known As Crawdads...Mine is Chasing a Boat...

The Beach -- The Ming Reservoir -- About 1.5 Hours Away by Bus

The Tendir Ovens

Our Host Home @ a Village in Gusar Region - On a CBT (Community Based Tourism) Trip

The Kitchen @ the CBT Host Home

On the Walk Through a Village in Gusar Region

Boy With Bird...Which Sounds Sweet Until You Realize He's Tied To a String...

The Village School

I got a little car-sick on one of our trips...shocking, I know. This little guy came and guarded me while I recovered.
 I named him Toby Ziegler.

The Riverbed in Lahic (Lahij)

Tobacco Leaves Drying

The River, Balakan