Friday, December 17, 2010

...So Long Sumgayit...

Sorry for the delay folks. We're in Ganja - doing fine, but the transition has been rough. Send us some good vibes to keep us going. Thanks for the e-mails!! Keep 'em coming. We love you all and miss home like crazy. We'll post when we can but our access to the Internet is a little sketchy right now. D can check e-mails at work, and he saves all of mine to a word document that I read at home, but I won't have consistent access to reply for a while. We'll do our best to keep up with the weekly postings. Here are some of our favorite Sumgayit shots and a few from Swearing In as well.

The Book Store - My Favorite Site in the Bazaar

Kell and Miss Lilli at Swear In - If Lilli's Mom Is Reading This - Hello!! Your Daughter is a Gem!

Dustin, Trey, and Jake at Feyton After Swear In - Showing Some Azeri Brotherly Love

Kelly and the Saray Girls at Feyton After Swear In