Sunday, October 24, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIG GUY... one of the greatest men to walk the face of the Earth...stronger than Chuck Norris...more clever than MacGyver...more wylie than the DAD!! Wish we could've been there for your birthday, big guy! Our entire Azeri family is singing "Happy Birthday, Mr. Dave," every chance they get. Hope you can hear it...
This is as creative as it gets with limited resources! :) WE LOVE YOU!!!
This week we went on PCV site visits. That means that we were all sent around the country to the current sites of serving Peace Corps Volunteers to see what "real life" is like here once training is done. Thanks to those volunteers for showing us the ropes and being so understanding of our questions. We really appreciate all you do and all you endure. Thanks!

This week, I start teaching...ahhhhh....and Dustin will continue his CED training. I'm a little nervous, so send some good thoughts our way if we cross your mind this week. We love you!!

The Peace Corps Staff took us on a cultural day-trip when we returned. Check out some of our pictures below.

In English "Gobustan" -- Google it to find out some historical information on the site - pretty cool!

The View at Gobustan

Our Friend, Jane...We Share An Affinity For Our Dad's Flannel Shirts...

The Mud Volcanoes
Bubblin' Mud...

Flowin' Mud...

Our Tired Feet At the Mud Volcanoes

Azerbaijan Looks A Lot Like West Texas...Some of it Anyway